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The Google Terms you agree to when creating the reCAPTCHA API key seem to prevent you from hiding the annoying badge, but thankfully Google has added the following note to their reCAPTCHA FAQ: You are allowed to hide the badge as long as you include the reCAPTCHA branding visibly in the user flow. Remove (Removal Instructions) - Free Dec 13, 2019 Google Product Forums Google is using us to teach their machines- and whats worse they dont even have the decency to fix problems with it because they dont care!~ I am sure they will delete this but I plan on reposting this message over and over and over wherever I can. How to remove the CAPTCHA ‘I am not a robot’ show - Quora

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reCAPTCHA cannot display correctly if the IE Compatibility View is enabled for We suggest that you remove from your list of sites that have Compatibility View enabled. Turn off Compatibility view. IE 10 In Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, or press and hold the address bar and select Menu bar.

How to get rid of CAPTCHA prompted by Google (while Last week Google started to ask me double CAPTCHAs (asks one and another immediately. First CAPTCHA was entered 100% correct - I triple checked it). It is true that I sometimes search really weird stuff but CAPTCHAs keep being asked even for casual queries. Rumola - bypass CAPTCHA - Chrome Web Store It takes the guesswork out of the CAPTCHA test. Rumola reads the letters and numbers and puts them in the box for you. Download Rumola for a free test — you can run Rumola five times to prove it works. If you are satisfied, the first $0.99/$1.95 into the account buys you 50/150 credits where one credit = one input in a CAPTCHA box. Remove google captcha from registration | UBports Forum Remove google captcha from registration Remove google captcha from registration. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. H. herr-b last edited by . As I want to come back to UT after using Android custom roms for a while, I tried to register at this forum without success. Finally it was only possible