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Xbox 360 is more than just a gaming console. It can be used to manage all your media, whether it is videos, music, or pictures. It also supports various apps, including video streaming apps. In order to support Netflix, Xbox 360 needs at least a 5 MBPS internet connection, and 75 MB free space for installation. Where Can You Get The Netflix Re: Netflix is 1080p again on the Xbox 360 ! 2016/12/17 23:55:15 Well Netflix has done a couple of more updates since then . Now they removed the function on the Xbox 360 to see what you are streaming at while watching a movie & if you are getting 5.1 audio or not (by pushing down on the left joystick) . Dec 26, 2015 · Secondly, you need to realize that your Xbox 360 is a very powerful and compatible device which only needs to be connected to your Windows Vista PC and you are all set to watch Netflix on Xbox. So, in essence how to get Netflix on Xbox 360 is achieved by connecting your Windows PC to the Xbox 360. Connect to Netflix using your favorite devices. Smart TVs. Streaming Media Players. Game Consoles. Set-top Boxes. Blu-ray Players. Smartphones & Tablets. PCs & Laptops. Apr 19, 2020 · To watch Disney Plus on your Xbox One gaming console, you need an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X, which are the models that support the application. If you have other X-box models, such as Xbox 360, you won’t be able to stream Disney Plus.

Oct 17, 2009 · its been happening to mine too, I find it helps to clear the cache or to run a system default reset. it helps for a little while lately I been getting kicked off X box live during the hour I am watching like CSI and have to sign into x box live again. still trying to figure that one out.

I've had Netflix on my Xbox since it came out, now all of a sudden today I go on and it asks me to register my Netflix account with my 360. I'm a little upset because of it, but I go and get the code and type it in my account and on it says it's activated but it still won't let me get on it on my Xbox. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17 Aug 05, 2017 Can I watch Netflix on my Xbox 360 without Xbox Live? - Quora

Whether you're using an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, it's just too damn difficult to log out and log back in with another account, since the Netflix account is directly associated with the PS3 and Xbox gamertag.

timer/video/audio quality info on Netflix in upper left For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "timer/video/audio quality info on Netflix in upper left hand corner".