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What is Google Chromecast? | Tom's Guide Simply connect your Chromecast and your phone to the same network, and you can cast music and videos to your TV with just a few words. Best Google Home smart speakers Can I travel with a Chromecast? How to watch Apple TV+ on Chromecast and Android TV Nov 04, 2019 How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer Plug in the HDMI end of Google Chromecast device into the HDMI port of your Home TV and plug …

Jul 12, 2020 · You can take your Chromecast anywhere and connect it to any TV, but as we know Chromecast works on wifi technology, it need to connect to the same network as the TV, so we just have to change the wifi network of the Chromecast as it can only connect to one network at a time.

Oct 16, 2018

With Chromecast streamer you can + Cast your video & phots to your TV. + Cast music to TV or other Chromecast devices. + Mirror your camera on your TV screen and apply funny effects to it. + Play online videos from websites.

Jan 04, 2020 Watch WWE Network on Google Chromecast | WWE