Mar 21, 2017

Nov 29, 2017 What the heck is net neutrality? - The Washington Post May 15, 2014 Groups to monitor EU telcos restricting online access

It will now be up to the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers from alleged net neutrality violations. But the FTC is only an enforcement agency: It can’t create new rules. That means

The 6 Worst Net Neutrality Violations in History Madison River Communications blocks Vonage. The first major case of a company violating the …

Instead of reclassifying broadband as a regulated common carrier, the FCC should look to the FTC’s antitrust enforcement practices and examine potential net neutrality violations on a “case-by

Europe gets it right on net neutrality, say digital liberties groups. These so-called net neutrality violations will be reported to the European Commission and national authorities. How Is This Not A Net Neutrality Violation, Sprint? | Techdirt Aug 26, 2016 How net neutrality violates the First Amendment (according How net neutrality violates the First Amendment (according to one ISP) Broadband providers exercise "editorial discretion" over Internet, ISP says. Jon Brodkin - Oct 6, 2015 4:10 pm UTC. Net Neutrality | Free Press