Gluon consists of [A] a client component named Gluon Mobile and [B] a server component named Gluon CloudLink. Gluon Mobile [A] is the client-side library and development tool that provides UI controls for the client application

A gluon (/ ˈ ɡ l uː ɒ n /) is an elementary particle that acts as the exchange particle (or gauge boson) for the strong force between quarks.It is analogous to the exchange of photons in the electromagnetic force between two charged particles. In layman's terms, they "glue" quarks together, forming hadrons such as protons and neutrons. Gluon Particle Documentation Gluon Particle is a 'convention over configuration' application framework designed exclusively for building cross-platform desktop applications. It has been designed from the ground up with a focus on having a minimal API, and to also handle as much of the work behind the scenes as possible. Gluon | subatomic particle | Britannica

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Gluon | subatomic particle | Britannica Gluon, the so-called messenger particle of the strong nuclear force, which binds subatomic particles known as quarks within the protons and neutrons of stable matter as well as within heavier, short-lived particles created at high energies. Quarks interact by emitting and absorbing gluons, just as electrically charged particles interact through the emission and absorption of photons. Gluon Mobile Business License - Gluon The primary benefit of this license tier over the Gluon Mobile Indie license is the addition of access to the Gluon private support email address, access to hotfix releases when major bugs are encountered in code that is under Gluon control, and access to the Gluon internal bug tracker.

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